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Tbilisi Awaits You!

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Tbilisi Awaits you!

Christmas tree is ready!

spend unforgettable days in Tbilisi, Georgia

Expanded Kutaisi airport opens in Georgia’s west, now capable of serving 2.5 mln passengers

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A new terminal of Kutaisi International Airport has opened today, now allowing the airport capable of serving 2.5 million passengers annually, announces United Airports of Georgia.
Now the airport is six times larger than it was before. We are now able to serve 2.5 million passengers annually and 1,200 passengers at the same time. Passengers will enjoy improved services and improved infrastructure. They will be able to use self check-in and baggage drop services…[they will be able to enjoy] international food outlets”, said Director of the United Airports of Georgia Tamar Archuadze.
Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava said that the number of airlines that operated at Kutaisi International Airport before the pandemic has almost been restored.
Before the pandemic, four airlines flew to 33 destinations from Kutaisi Airport, and this year, as of May, three airlines are already flying to 25 destinations, and this process continues following the opening of the market and overcoming the pandemic” Turnava said.
Following the expansion, the area of the Kutaisi International Airport has increased from 4,800 sq.m. to 30,000 sq.m.
The number of registration counters has increased from 10 to 18, of which two are baggage drop off, where passengers will be able to hand over their luggage after having registered online.
The number of border checkpoints has increased from six to 11 in the take-off zone, and from eight to 14 on the take-off side.
The airport now has seven gates, a green roof and a terrace.
Dutch firm UNStudio, which completed the terminal building of Kutaisi Airport in 2013, was responsible for the extension works together with Georgian architect and designer of United Airports of Georgia Mariam Karkarashvili.
The expansion of the airport started in 2017 and about 110 million GEL was invested.
The airport will employ about 1,200 people.

Georgia Elected as a Member of UNWTO Executive Council for 2021-2025

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“Historical day for Georgia and our Tourism industry – Georgia has been elected as a member of the UNWTO Executive Council for the 2021-2025 period,” – Deputy Economy Minister Mariam Kvrivishvili 

Georgia has been elected as a member of the UNWTO Executive Council for the 2021-2025 period, the Deputy Minister of Economy of Georgia Mariam Kvrivishvili announced today, June 3, calling it a “historical day for Georgia and its tourism industry.”

“Through elections – against the background of tense competition with other countries, by a majority of votes, we were elected a member of the Executive Board of the UN World Tourism Organization.

“While a member of this important platform, Georgia will be granted the opportunity to be engaged in the implementation of UNWTO initiatives and projects, and most importantly will contribute to the global process of tourism recovery.

“We are grateful to our European partners for their declared support and showcased trust in Georgia,” Kvrivishvili stated.

By Ana Dumbadze

Travel After Coronavirus: The Lesser-Known European Cities To Visit First

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Being confined in mandatory isolation does different things to different people, but we all surf the same emotions of reflecting, reassessing and anticipating life on the other side. A new normal. For us at Culture Trip, part of that new normal will be centred on getting out and seeing places we’ve long been curious about – starting with lesser-known European cities.


Tbilisi is uniquely positioned, both geographically and culturally. Its culture intersects at the historical and progressive – with history in its Soviet Modernist structures, Eastern Orthodox churches and centuries-old forts, and innovation in its art and fashion scenes. The latter has influenced the global stage over the past couple of years, with many fashion designers and buyers showing interest in this city of 1.1 million that borders both Asia and Europe. Head to galleries like the Dmitri Shevardnadze National Gallery and The Georgian Museum of Fine Arts to scope out art that has inspired creativity in the city’s young designers, before trying a traditional dish – khachapuri with salty sulguni cheese – and taking cues from the locals by dipping in a sulphur bath.

Updated information 🤍🙌 🇬🇪

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Updated information 🤍🙌 🇬🇪
Citizens of all countries will be able to enter Georgia unconditionally by submitting a document proving the full course of any type of covidvaccine (two doses) at the border

1. EU 🇪🇺#europeanunion
2. Norway 🇳🇴#norway
3. Swiss 🇨🇭#switzerland
4. Israel 🇮🇱
5. US 🇺🇸 #unitedstates
6. Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦#saudiarabia
7. United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪#unitedarabemirates
8. Bahrain 🇧🇭#bahrain
9. Qatar 🇶🇦#qatar
10. Great Britain 🇬🇧#greatbritain
11. Russian 🇷🇺#russianfederation
12. 🇦🇲 Armenia 🇦🇲#armenia
13. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan 🇦🇿#azerbaijan
14. Belarus 🇧🇾#belarus
15. Ukrainian 🇺🇦#ukrainian
16. Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 #kazakhstan
17. Turkmenistan 🇹🇲#turkmenistan
18. Uzbekistan 🇺🇿#uzbekistan
19. Tajikistan 🇹🇯#tajikistan

20. Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬 #kyrgyzstan

First Charter Flight Vilnius-Batumi Carried Out

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The first charter flight from Vilnius to Georgia’s seaside city of Batumi was carried out yesterday afternoon.

A solemn ceremony headed by the Chair of Ajara Tourism Department Tinatin Zoidze was held at the airport to host the guests from Lithuania.

A folk show and Georgian wine tasting were also held for the passengers at the airport.

180 tourists from Lithuania visited Batumi by the charter flight. The majority of them are planning a vacation in Batumi and Kobuleti.

Get Jet Airlines will be implementing Vilnius-Batumi charter flight on Mondays till the end of September.


Source:, By Ana Dumbadze. Photo source:

‘Discover Georgia’ Page Launched on CNN

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Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, has been actively promoting Georgia as one of the most beautiful and distinguished year-round destinations for spending holidays.

This time, the GNTA has started yet another campaign on one of the world’s leading American media platforms CNN, within the scope of which, CNN has launched ‘Discover Georgia’, a special webpage introducing Georgia’s history, nature and cuisine in the very best way.

‘Discover Georgia’ presents the country to wide audiences through articles, backing them up with the stunning images of the amazing views, historical sightseeing and gourmet pleasures found in Georgia.

“The best way to experience Georgian food is at a supra, a traditional Georgian feast with an endless stream of dishes usually held as a celebration of a special occasion. Being invited is an esteemed honour, and an opportunity not to be missed,” reads the article of the Cuisine section of ‘Discover Georgia’.

The webpage is not the end of the GNTA’s campaign, though. Within the framework of the initiative of the Tourism Administration, the media platform also broadcasts promotional videos about Georgia, and prepares reports and articles on the country’s high tourism potential.



Source:; By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

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American diplomat about Georgia: “Every single city has left me wanting more”

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Kristen Crocker, American Diplomat has recently visited Georgia. She has traveled around the country joining the campaign ‘Spend Your Summer In Georgia”. US Embassy Tbilisi, Georgia has uploaded photos of the diplomat’s trip around Georgia.

“As a photography enthusiast and outdoor adventurer, Georgia is the perfect playground. I’ve spent my summer in Georgia exploring as much of this beautiful country as I can, and every single city has left me wanting more. Between the stunning mountain scenery of Stepantsminda, the calm serenity of Borjomi, and the incredible glimpse into the past in Dmanisi, it’s hard to pick a favorite. So, I won’t. I can’t wait to see where my next adventure brings me, but I know it will be full of excitement, beauty, and the welcoming hospitality Georgia does so well,” says Kristen Crockera about Georgia.

#visitgeorgia #spendyoursummeringeorgia

In response to the ban (Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree prohibiting Russian airlines from carrying Russian citizens to Georgia from July 8.) and the possible threats to the Georgian tourism industry, Georgian activists together with businessmen and international society have launched the campaign ‘Spend Your Summer in Georgia’. The campaign aims at popularizing Georgia as a travel destination to tackle the possible difficulties due to the decreased number of incoming Russian tourists. Besides, Russian tourists have encouraged their Georgian friends by saying that they will find other ways to reach Georgia.


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Tbilisi at night seems so romantic and attractive

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Every city changes its appearance at night. One may not even recognize the same city at night. Light, torches, flashing buildings and cars with their lights on – all these give special beauty to the city at night. Tbilisi is a perfect destination for those who are interested in night life.

Tbilisi is among the most beautiful and oldest capitals in the world. At night it becomes even more attractive and romantic. Here we explore several photos and video recorded by the Georgian photographer Shermazana, Giorgi Shermazanashvili.

Photos are taken in different time of the year and reflect all the beauty of night Tbilisi.

Story behind Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia was founded in the 5th century. It has been conquered by Roman, Arab, Turkish, Persian, Mongolian and other conquerors. Russia invaded Georgia in 1799 and remained there until the end of the Soviet era. All the different cultures have left their tinges on the development of the city. Now Tbilisi boasts about its old, traditional and modern, newly developed architectural centres. Old Tbilisi is replete with historical, cultural and religious centres with the typical balconies and carvings on the house. While modern Tbilisi has a variety of extraordinary buildings.

What to see in Tbilisi

The fortress Narikala is a must-see place in old Tbilisi. It was built in the third century. Due to invasions, the castle was destroyed and rebuilt several times. The fortress is located on an uphill and looks over the city. Before going up Narikala, visitors should observe the Metekhi Virgin Mary Church and the monument of the king Vakhtang Gorgasali, the founder of Tbilisi, on the steep bank of the Mtkvari River (Kura). Georgians have a 7000-year history of bathing culture. Bathhouses of thermal springs located in the old district of Tbilisi are still in use.

Annual festival Tbilisoba

Tbilisoba is an annual festival held on the last weekend of October but this year it takes place on the first weekend of October. The reason for that is presidential election that is due on the 28th of October.
It was first held on October 28, 1979, and has since become an established tradition. The festival features open-air concerts of traditional music and dancing and various cultural events, centered on Old Tbilisi, the historical part of the city. Beyond celebrating the city’s past and present, people from all over Georgia represent their region at the fair of the harvest and Rtveli. Awarding honorary citizenship of Tbilisi by the city government also occurs in the framework of Tbilisoba.
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Source: www., photos by Giorgi Shermazanashvili