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20 km from Tbilisi. It has been Georgia’s spiritual heart since Christianity was established here in about 327, and holds a near-mystical significance in Georgian culture. It was capital of most of eastern Georgia from about the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD, when King Vakhtang Gorgasali switched his base to Tbilisi.
Unesco placed Mtskheta’s historic churches on its World Heritage in Danger list in 2009, citing deterioration of stonework and frescoes and loss of authenticity due to work on the buildings.
Svetitskhoveli (11 c.)

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES - This grand (and for its time, enormous) building dates from the 11th century, early in the golden age of Georgian church architecture. It has an elongated cross plan and is adorned with beautiful stone carving outside and in.According to tradition, Christ’s robe lies buried beneath the cathedral. Apparently a Mtskheta Jew, Elioz, was in Jerusalem at the time of the Crucifixion and returned with the robe to Mtskheta. His sister Sidonia took it from him and immediately died in a passion of faith. The robe was buried with her and as years passed, people forgot the exact site. When King Mirian decided to build the first church at Mtskheta in the 4th century.
Jvari monastery (6 c.)

The oldest monastery of Georgia – UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES - Visible for miles around on its hilltop overlooking Mtskheta from the east, the Jvari Church is, to many Georgians, the holiest of holies. Jvari stands where King Mirian erected a sacred wooden cross soon after his conversion by St Nino in the 4th century. Between 585 and 604 Stepanoz I, the eristavi (duke) of Kartli, constructed the church over the cross.
Shio-Mgvime Monastery

Shio-Mgvime monastery – is a medieval monastic complex in Georgia, near the town of Mtskheta. It is located in a narrow limestone canyon on the northern bank of the Kura River, some 30 km from Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital. According to a historic tradition, the first monastic community at this place was founded by the 6th-century monk Shio, one of the Thirteen Assyrian Fathers who came to Georgia as Christian missionaries. St. Shio is said to have spent his last years as a hermit in a deep cave near Mtskheta subsequently named Shiomghvime (“the Cave of Shio”) after him.

Gori-Uplistsikhe – Gori is a city in Shida Kartli region of Georgia and it is most famous for being the birthplace of Joseph Jughashvili, better known as Stalin. Here you can visit museum of Stalin, place where he grew up.
As for Uplistsikhe (‘Fortress of the Lord’) – a Cave Town-Fortress is located in Eastern Georgia,situated on a rocky massif in 15 km to town Gori. It once had played an important role in Georgian history. Uplistsikhe is remarkable for the unique combination of styles from rock-cut cultures of the region.
Chateau Mukhrani winery

Chateau Mukhrani winery – Chateau Mukhrani has become renowned over the world for its splendid palace and cellars, wonderful gardens, pristine vineyards and farms. Traditions and modern technologies, has created the masterpieces what is called Chateau Mukhrani Wines. If you are a wine enthusiast, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a group in search of outdoor adventure, or all of the above, this is the best place to go. On this tour you will discover the Georgian royal family history and breath-taking legends. As an additional service, it is possible to have riding tours on English or Arabian horses which are popular throughout the world.

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